Message from the Ambassador

It is my distinct honour and privilege to represent Nepal as the first residential Ambassador in the Sultanate of Oman.

I express my sincere gratitude to the Government of Nepal for assigning me with this foremost responsibility.

Nepal and Oman have been enjoying excellent bilateral relations ever since the establishment of diplomatic relations on January 21, 1977.

The presence of a large number of fellow Nepali nationals in this country has helped strengthen people-to- people relations between our two countries apart from their contribution to the economic development of Oman and the economy of Nepal. Their safety, security and well-being receive our top priority.

As an  Ambassador, it shall be my duty, and I am fully committed, to further strengthening the traditionally warm and close ties hat are so happily subsisting between our two countries by expanding cooperation in such significant  areas as trade, investment and tourism for the mutual benefits of our two countries and people.

I seek support and cooperation from all section of society both in sending and receiving countries in fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to me.